I’m not in love

So, after a wet, grey but mostly entertaining bank holiday spent partially in the company of Uni Boy, my worst fears have been confirmed: I am indeed missing out by having no-one to kiss and cuddle.

Over the long weekend, I’ve really appreciated having someone to snuggle up to, share things with and – yes – even cook things for.

Who knew I was a Desperate Housewife manquée?

To be honest, Uni Boy and I are quite different people and we know it, but since neither of us is taking the situation too seriously we can, on the whole, overlook things that might otherwise cause friction: I ignore his Jurassic reply times to my texts, and he turns a blind eye to my early morning freneticism.

(Yes, I know I have plenty of time, it’s just that fifth gear is my default setting, alright?)

We have a lot of fun in each other’s company, mostly because he’s as daft as I am. There are not many people who can snap awake at 7.45am on their day off, and be laughing by 7.46. Luckily, both Uni Boy and I can. And do.

Obviously, the fact that he’ll soon be leaving these shores means that all these lovely treats will soon be coming to an end. But I can’t complain too much – I feel lucky to have had a few weeks of fun and affection.

Naturally, I’d be happy with a few more, but my batteries have been recharged and I feel loveable again – which is a very positive development. Sure, I’m no closer to meeting Mr Right, but at least I’m back to thinking that this is due to a twist of fate, rather than some crushing defect on my part.

The only perplexing thing about the whole situation is that Uni Boy seems preternaturally worried that I’m about to fall head over heels in love with him.

I’m not completely sure, but I think his concern stems from my delight when he paid me a surprise visit at work. Of course, I was pleased to see him – especially as I was struggling with a rather difficult report and his arrival presented me with the perfect excuse to abandon it for a while.

But really, who doesn’t like surprises like that? And anyway, if someone’s gone to the trouble of surprising you, the very least you can do is look pleased about it. But if I’d known it was going to worry him so much, I’d have grunted my thanks and snatched my coffee grouchily from his hand.

I admit that I may not have helped matters by getting upset one day when his excessive need for ‘privacy’ in all things relationship-related meant that he barely acknowledged me in a group of friends. But I’d have been equally upset if any friend had done the same.

No, whilst I appreciate the fact that he’s kind enough to consider my feelings (even if there is a certain level of self-interest), I’m not really under any illusions. I know he’s not the love of my life; nor am I his. I know he’s going to leave, and I also know that he won’t look back. And that’s fine. It honestly is.

Anyway, amid all the fun and frolics with Uni Boy, I must admit that The Darkly Intriguing Man From The Gym has been somewhat eclipsed. But this morning, he’s back.

“Coffee?” says the message in my inbox.

Although the lack of movement in his relationship status tells me all I need to know about his merit as a potential partner, in the interests of variety (OK, and of giving Uni Boy a poke in the eye) I type a quick response in the affirmative and head out of the door.


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